Dota Summit 13
October 13, 2020

The Summit 13 announced with Valve support

BeyondTheSummit has announced the thirteenth edition of The Summit. This time it will feature three regional divisions and be supported financially by Valve themselves.

In an attempt to get the competitive circuit back on track BeyondTheSummit and Valve have launched a new edition of the popular tournament “The Summit”. Players will not be able to come together in a familial atmosphere for the thirteenth iteration as Summit 13 is set to become a large scale online event.

Valve provides support

The announcement of the three division tournament spanning across three region (EU/CIS, NA/SA, SEA) brings much needed support to the ailing tournament scene in Dota 2. Although The International 10 has set yet another world record in terms of prize money, developer Valve has been criticized for not caring enough for the competitive scene.

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The $250,000 US-Dollar prize pool is some much needed support for the Dota 2 scene after many tournaments were cancelled and the Dota Pro Circuit postponed indefinitely. Especially as Valve has now finally taken the initiative to directly support the scene as BeyondTheSummit Founder Godz said on Reddit.

Who will participate?

It is unclear yet which teams will participate as the announced schedule (October 21 – November 8) will overlap with the currently ongoing ESL One Germany 2020 until November 1. BeyondTheSummit has promised to provide further details on qualifiers and participants at some point later in the week.

With the direct support of Valve for Summit 13 and the earlier announcement of support for the South American focused Movistar Liga Progaming, the developer has now started to embrace the role the community has demanded from them.

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Image Credit: BeyondTheSummit
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