September 24, 2020

The new ESL Pro Tour 2021 – Everything you need to know

ESL has announced several changes to the ESL Pro Tour in 2021 to improve the experience for fans and players both. Here is everything you need to know.

ESL wants to improve the entire Pro Tour for fans and players. In order to do so they will not only build a new studio dedicated to CS:GO, but also reworked the competitive schedule.

To improve the storytelling of the events the eight ESL Pro Tour Masters & Master Championships will now happen on two consecutive weekends each in 2021.

In the first week the group stages will be played out in the studios, while the second weekend will see the playoffs play out in the arenas.



Masters Championship:

Better for the players

For the professional players the frequency of games will be reduced and the new schedule gives teams more time to prepare for tournaments and specific opponents. At the same time the scheduling will allow players more time at home to prevent burnout.

Several players like Cloud9’s woxic have stated their support of the new direction and are looking forward to the 2021 season.

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Better for fans

Additionally ESL plans to use the freed up time to work on their production value. More analysis, trailers and other content pieces are planned to improve the viewer experience.

The official schedule for 2021
All Dates for the Pro Tour in 2021
IEM Katowice 16 – 28 Feb $1,000,000 24 Poland
EPL: Season 13 10 Mar – 18 Apr $750,000 24 Malta
DreamHack Masters 3 – 13 Jun $250,000 16 Europe
ESL One Cologne 6 – 18 Jul $1,000,000 24 Germany
IEM Melbourne ** 17 – 22 Aug $250,000 16 Australia
EPL: Season 14 1 Sep – 10 Oct $750,000 24 Malta
Intel® Extreme Masters 14 – 24 Oct $250,000 16 North America
Intel® Extreme Masters 2 – 12 Dec $250,000 16 Asia
The new studio
The new ESL Pro Tour studio will feature state of the art equipment. Not just for the PCs. Desks will be adjustable for preferred heights and the ESL will also adhere strictly to the security and health guidelines of the ongoing Covid19-pandemic.

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Image Credit: ESL

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