July 30, 2020
League of Legends

TF Blade no longer part of League Partner Program

The League Partner Program purge has proclaimed its next victim. After the recent case of Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera getting removed from the program and not being able to co-stream the LCS anymore, toplane streamer Ashkan “TFBlade” Homayouni also announced the end of his partnership.

TFBlade is known in particular for his extreme mechanical prowess in the toplane, playing splitpushers such as Jax, Camille and Tryndamere and trying to win games by forcing repeated 1v1s. He is also one of the main ‘unranked to challenger’ streamers, where a streamer will start a brand new account and see how quickly he can get it to the top 200 of their respective region.

According to an email that can be seen in the clip below, TFBlade his membership of the LPP was already of a probationary nature. He had up until the 1st of August to positively change his behaviour. After ‘extensive review’ of his social media and Twitch, they found that this was not the case and terminated his membership.

Notable is that TFBlade himself argues that it is unclear why he got removed from the program. He stated that “they haven’t even said why he got banned’ and that ‘he doesn’t like to be accused’. The email itself does not state any particular behaviour, instead holding that his general player behaviour was deemed not up to the standards set by the program months ago.

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Image Credit: TF Blade
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