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Update: Peter Zhang provides statement following being fired from TSM

Former TSM coach Peter Zhang has posted a statement after being fired from TSM following multiple allegations of unethical practices.

Peter Zhang was let go from TSM after allegations of conflict of interest and unethical practices surfaced, as TSM explained in a short statement posted on social media. According to a more recent report by Richard Lewis for Dexerto, Peter Zhang was also alleged to engage in some financial irregularities, which included borrowing money from players and working as an agent to some of the Chinese players.

In his Twitlonger Zhang apologizes to SwordArt for not sending him back the money earlier, while also denying that he functioned as an agent. “I have never done this. If a player asks me about agents or help, I can tell them another agent they can get but I have never been a player agent. TSM also told me that I wasn’t supposed to be part of negotiations this year. TSM used another person on staff who spoke Mandarin to help with negotiations.”

He also sheds some more light on his grandmother, who he says is actually facing some medical issues and was the primary reason for him to borrow money. “I want to take responsibility for my mistakes. My grandmother is in the hospital and my family needed money. I had promised Swordart last year that I would pay him for the car to keep myself or send him money when I sold it. I was able to sell it, but I hid it from him and sent that money to my family for part of the expenses.”

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According to a new report, former TSM coach Peter Zhang had to leave TSM after some financial irregularities, taking money from certain player salaries.

A report posted to Dexerto by Richard Lewis talks about Zhang fulfilling a double role where he helped players sign for TSM in exchange for a cut of their paycheck, more specifically regarding certain Chinese and Taiwanese players, creating a conflict of interest. Furthermore, Zhang has also allegedly borrowed money from many people within TSM and has approached many others for loans, often saying there’s a medical emergency happening. Something that was confirmed by former TSM bot laner Doublelift during his livestream. According to the report however, most of the money has been paid back by now.

One of the examples cited is the one with SwordArt, where Zhang sold his car for him upon his return to China, but keeping the money for himself. Zhang has apologized for the incident and says he’ll pay SwordArt back, saying he has now learned about the cultural differences when it comes to loaning people money in China compared to the United States.

Zhang has gone on to deny all allegations except for the one involving SwordArt. Riot Games has said they’re launching an investigation into the matter, also taking into account the possibility of the former TSM coach acting as an agent. Zhang is planning to return to China in the meantime.

Posted: (19/03/21)

TSM isn’t only struggling on the Rift, as they’ve now fired their Head Coach Peter Zhang following allegations of unethical practices and conflict of interest.

TSM has decided to let their coach of player development Peter Zhang go after some serious allegations and they’ll be launching a further investigation into the matter. According to TSM they’ve been made aware of some very serious issues, as they explain in a statement posted to Twitter. “After an initial investigation, we have terminated him effective immediately. We are working with external legal counsel to complete a full investigation.”

Many prominent figures in the League of Legends scene were quick to react to the news. Former TSM botlaner Doublelift poked fun at them by commenting “banger org”. Their jungler Spica also chimed in on the action by saying: “Everyday at TSM is a banger, lol.” It’s currently unclear who will be replacing Zhang in the role. TSM hasn’t been doing all too well recently as they sit at the bottom of the table with a 2-11 record.

Peter Zhang himself said on Discord that he’ll be releasing a full statement on the matter soon and admits to making a mistake. “I guess it’s big enough to get immediately released.” Zhang spent four years at TSM working with both the Academy and LCS team and says fans they should continue to support TSM.

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