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Doublelift calls out LCS players who don’t use Champions Queue to practice

Former LCS bot laner Doublelift has called out LCS players for not using Champions Queue to the fullest.

Champions Queue was introduced this season to mitigate many of the issues that have plagued NA soloqueue for years, such as high ping. In the process, players can earn money for high placements, with Jojopyun of Evil Geniuses winning the first iteration and taking home $12.000. However not everyone has been happy with how players are handling Champions Queue and Doublelift has chimed in with his thoughts, much like Golden Guardian’s support Olleh did a while back.

Doublelift says he hates that players just aren’t playing Champions Queue. “What are they doing after scrims? The answer is that they’re probably just relaxing, they probably don’t want to play league after the scrims. […] In Eastern countries there is no excuses, you just f****** play. Faker hates Korean soloqueue but he plays 10 games a day. You just have to. I have so much fun playing it and I hate it that some players just refuse to.”

In general much of the same criticism that Olleh brought up in his Reddit post surfaced here as well. “How are you going to pick yourself up as a bottom tier team? You have to practice harder than your competitors. If you’re already less talented than CoreJJ AND you practice less than him you’re never going to be better.”

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Image Credit: Doublelift / TSM
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