July 24, 2020
League of Legends

IWillDominate removed from League Partner Program

Christian ‘IWillDominate” Revera is an iconic and divisive League of Legends pro. Ex-player turned streamer, he is known for his aggressive jungling playstyle and his controversial statements. Recently, as part of the League Partner Program, he has been a very popular LCS co-streamer.

IWillDominate is one of the many ex-pro players who took up a streaming career. However, few have been as successful as he was. An outspoken personality, he has had one of the biggest Twitch followings over the recent years. Since the launch of LCS costreams, he has gained even more popularity, as his knowledge combined with his strong opinions created a love-or-hate-it type of commentary.

However, seemingly out of nowhere, IWD has been removed from the League Partner Program. In a tweet he shared the email he received from his contact, stating that he had been guilty of ‘targeted toxicity, sexism or racially offensive jokes’. IWD himself, in a follow up tweet, stated that he believed  it was due to a joke he made earlier in the season: he accused a support player of ‘painting their nails’ instead of playing the game. Many felt that this was sexist, due to the connotations surrounding so-called ‘egirl champions’ such as Lulu, Janna and Lux.

IWD will continue to stream the LCS, only instead of costreaming it will be a liveview, meaning that viewers themselves have to sync the LCS stream to his. 

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Image Credit: Riot Games / IWillDominate
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