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PSG.LGD sweep Evil Geniuses to claim WePlay AniMajor Championship

PSG.LGD were crowned the latest Major champions in the DPC after a convincing win over Evil Geniuses.

PSG.LGD were able to cement their incredible tournament run with a championship title. Ending the group stage 11-3 and the first overall seed, the Chinese powerhouse was a clear favorite early on. This domination carried over into the playoffs stage, as PSG.LGD dropped only to games throughout the entirety of their AniMajor run.

Neither of these losses came from the sole best of five series against fellow finalist, Evil Geniuses. Evil Geniuses had a significantly harder path to the finals despite their disappointing finish. Starting off in the lower bracket, Evil Geniuses fought through five Bo3 series, always on the brink of elimination. Led by Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, Evil Geniuses’ run showcased some of the most impressive moments seen throughout the Major.

A convincing first game set the tone of the series as PSG.LGD dominated EG in a 33-minute game, ending with a 30-6 kill line in the Chinese team’s favor. Evil Geniuses put up significantly more of a fight in game two, finding an early lead off of Azel “Abed” Yusop’s efforts.

Evil Geniuses’ lead did not not last however, as PSG.LGD took the game in the later half, bringing them within one game of the Major title. PSG.LGD didn’t hold back in the final game, completing the sweep with a 36-minute game.

This victory saw PSG.LGD win both the title of WePlay AniMajor Champions, but also the $200,000 prize and 500 DPC points.

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