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Pokémon UNITE will be experimenting with a spectate function in newest update

You’ll be able to watch your friends play Pokémon UNITE as the game is testing out a spectate function starting with the upcoming update.

Pokémon UNITE have announced on Twitter that they’ll be testing the spectate feature from August 4 to August 6, with it being implemented alongside the huge list of changes and updates coming to the game. Currently not much is known about spectating aside from the fact that it’ll allow you to check out your friend’s games. The full extent of the feature, whether it’d be just normal games or just ranked games you can spectate, is also unknown. 

The experiment could be a big step in the direction of establishing an esports scene. Almost all MOBA games feature an extensive spectating and viewing option to facilitate broadcast and esports infrastructure, which could be what Pokémon UNITE is looking into. With the game becoming insanely popular over the past weeks and it hitting great numbers on YouTube and Twitch, it could be a logical next step.

Over the past few weeks since launch Pokémon UNITE has shown they’re very willing to push out updates and want to listen to the community with the patches they push out. They already announced that new playable Pokémon are coming to the game and have already released a fresh Pokémon in the form of Gardevoir just this week.

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