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Pokémon UNITE has been added to the Pokémon World Championship 2022

A big update for players of Pokémon UNITE, who see their game added to the line-up of the Pokémon World Championship and can compete at the biggest stage.

Recently even more Pokémon have been making it into the game but now the developers and Nintendo seem to be banking more and more on making Pokémon UNITE an actual esports. They’ve announced that Pokémon UNITE will be joining the Pokémon World Championship in 2022, meaning that teams from across the globe will be able to compete against each other in an international event.

To facilitate all this, Pokémon UNITE will also be introducing a new tournament mode into the game. “In line with the Pokémon UNITE Championship series, we’ve continued development on a new tournament mode designed to even the playing field for competitors, regardless of their held item grades. Stay tuned, as we’ll soon have more details on what Trainers can expect when this new mode launches.”

In addition Pokémon UNITE will soon feature even more languages to make the game even more accessible, after they already implemented Bahasa Indonesia, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Thai and Turkish. As far as the date for the championship or qualifiers goes, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Updates are expected later this year, however.

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Image credit: Pokémon Unite / Nintendo

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