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Extending your Ultimate range with the Eject Button in Pokémon UNITE

The Eject Button is most likely the most popular Battle Item out there, but it can do so much more than you think, as a redditor has shown.

There’s no denying that the Eject Button is probably the most picked Battle Item that’s currently in the Pokémon MOBA, which shouldn’t be a surprise. It can provide you with some much needed mobility, especially on some of these Pokémon that can pack a punch or take a hit, but lack the mobility to get out at the right time. Now a redditor has shown that the Eject Button also has some great use when going on the offensive as well.

In the clip Reddit user KilianGreen is playing Blastoise and is posturing with the enemy team, wanting to start a teamfight. When they least expect it, he uses the Eject Button to start the fight, actually extending the range of his Blastoise Ultimate and knocking up the enemy team, obviously much to their surprise. The devastating combo led to them winning the fight.

It’s unclear if this is an intended function in the game or if it’s a bug that’s going to be patched out, but for now using the eject button this way can be devastating to the opponents who are not expecting it. It’s interesting to see how players are still discovering new mechanics and plays in Pokémon UNITE as the lifespan of the game progresses. With the mobile version coming up, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

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Image Credit: Nintendo
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