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Pokemon UNITE Patch to come on August 18 – Nerfs for Snorlax & more

Tomorrow will not only see the release of Blissey as new addition to the roster, but also the next balance patch for the Pokémon MOBA.

Developer TiMi Studios is bringing in the next balance patch to accompany the release of Blissey on August 18.

The patch notes in English are unfortunately once again not as detailled as they are in Japanese. Thankfully hydraroach on Reddit has provided us with a translation.

Nerfs for Snorlax & more

Snorlax was the Pokémon nerfed the most in this update as Block, Heavy Slam and Rest were all nerfed. In exchange Flail was buffed as it was heavily underutilized. Crustle and Garchomp also got changes with buffs across the board for them. The developers also fixed several bugs.

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Item adjustments – Eject Button nerfed

The August 18 patch will also feature several adjustments to the Items in UNITE. One of the most popular options, Eject Button, got its cooldown increased while several other underused options like X Attack got their effects increased.

It remains to be seen if these will change the meta significantly. Below you can find the full Patch Notes:

Pokémon UNITE August 18 Patch Notes


– Stealth Rock: cooldown decreased, damage increased
– Rock Tomb: damage increased

– base movement speed increased
– Bulldoze: damage increased
– Dragon Dive: cooldown decreased

– Surf: CC effect reduced
– Scald: damage increased, fixed a bug where the Oblivious passive wasn’t procing from the steam damage

– Heavy Slam: damage decreased
– Block: CC effect reduced
– Flail: effect increased
– Unite Move: heal decreased

– Smokescreen: effect weakened (not sure if stealth duration, vision debuff, or what here), cooldown increased
– Water Shuriken: cooldown decreased, damage increased
– Double Team: cooldown decreased

– Unite Move: fixed a bug where capturing wild Pokemon and scoring wouldn’t increase the move gauge

– Basic Attack: fixed a bug where having a boosted attack ready would increase Cinderace’s movement speed

Alolan Ninetales
– Passive: fixed a bug where the passive would proc on wild Pokemon in bushes you couldn’t see- Aurora Veil: fixed a bug where your passive would proc more often inside the veil

– Basic Attack: fixed a bug where the boosted attack wouldn’t lower enemy Sp. Def
– Psychic: now lowers enemy Sp. Def on hit

– Hurricane: fixed a bug where some wild Pokemon wouldn’t take damage

Wild Pokemon
– Avalugg: HP decreased, defense and Sp. Def buff from Iron Defense decreased

Battle Items
– Eject Button: cooldown increased
– Goal Getter: cooldown decreased
– Fluffy Tail: effect increased
– X Attack: effect increased

– after respawning, Pokemon are immune to enemy attacks for a brief period

More Pokémon:

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