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Pokémon UNITE – How to play Gengar

Gengar is one of the most mobile Pokémon in UNITE right now and one of the best choices to give your opponents nightmares. Here is how to haunt them throughout the map.

Gengar is a member of the Speedsters in Pokémon UNITE, which makes him one of the faster playable Pokémon. Four stars in mobility underscore his capabilities and mesh well with three and a half stars in attack. The combination makes him one of the best gankers in the game, especially with his passive Levitate improving his movement speed outside of battle. All these attributes make him one of the best Pokémon for the central zone.

Gengar’s weaknesses are his earlier evolutions Gastly and Haunter, which are comparatively weak. The safety of the Jungle is therfore the best option to blast through those early stages. You should begin by clearing out Bouffalant and Ludicolo. That also speeds up your farming speed while defeating other Pokémon and enables you to hit level 5 after a minute, just in time for a first couple of ganks on the lanes.

Special Attack items for Gengar

Gengar thrives on his special attacks, so you should also equip him with the corresponding items to further improve those. Shell Bell, Wise Glasse and Special Attack Specs are the preferred equipment here.

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For the active item you should go for the Eject Button to increase your mobility even further and potentially make it out of dangerous situations if you dive too deep behind enemy lines.

Skillbuilds for Gengar

To start off the game you should go for Will-O-Wisp as Gastly to deal more damage and level faster instead of the potential to pull opponents through Lick. Once you hit level 5 and evolve to Haunter you will be able to choose between Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball. In almost all cases Sludge Bomb is the better variant as it is a core part of your combo with Hex later on. Only if you somehow need Crowd Control at all costs should you go for Shadow Ball. On level 7 your combo will finally come online as you can upgrade Lick to Hex allowing you to dash around in fights with with almost no chance of getting caught.

While the other option Dream Eater sounds interesting through its sleep, the raw potential of Hex outpaces it by far too much. Once you hit level 9 you unlock your Unite Move Phantom Ambush, which allows you to jump to an area, turn invisible and gain massively increased Movement Speed. Once you activate it again it will scare all opponents nearby and damage and slow them.

Just Hex them all

Gengar can easily take out squishy targets in record time while staying evasive or entirely out of sight. Once you hit your Sludge Bomb you just repeatedly abuse the 1 second cooldown on Hex to keep jumping at your opponents, leaving them little chance to defend themselves as you will be able to dodge most abilities.

However if you are caught in a long crowd control chain, you can easily be bursted down. Wait until your enemies are preoccupied with either objectives or your teammates before striking at them and taking them out. Prioritize softer targets like Attackers or Supporters before you then use the numbers advantage to win the fight.

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