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Pokémon UNITE Battle Pass 2 – What you need to know

The new Pokémon UNITE Battle Pass is here as the game launches on mobile. What rewards can you get for yourself?

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How to get the Battle Pass

If you want to start progressing in the Battle Pass you first need to purchase it. Buying the Battle Pass (the Premium one, as there’s also a free one available), you’ll have to pay up 490 Aeos gems. You can also buy the Premium Battle Pass Plus, which costs a little more at 985 Aeos Gems but will get you to level 10 instantly. If you buy the premium one now, you can still get it at a discount.

What can you get?

The theme for the Battle Pass this time around is ‘Space’, which means there’s quite a bit of costumes for you to get, such as a Space Style Lucario or Space Style Gengar. Costumes aren’t the only thing you can get through the Battle Pass however, as levelling up can also get you some Aeos Tickets and Item Enhancers, which can really come in handy.

You can level up the Battle Pass until level 60, which is the maximum cap. When you’ve reached level 60 you’ll get the Battle Pass Prize Box, which will reward players who surpass the maximum level of the pass by giving them some items, such as Holowear Tickets, Fashion Tickets or more Aeos Tickets.

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