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New CS:GO update brings visibility changes

Valve released a large CS:GO update inverting the doors on the B bombsite of Dust2, offering a lot of visibility changes and adding a new graphics setting to address a common issue.

In a blog post that was posted yesterday Valve offered some more information about the changes they made. One of the most important changes was the one to visibility. “To improve character read across all maps and locations, we’ve added a new graphics setting called ‘Boost Player Contrast’ which is enabled by default. It’s a special post process filter that applies to stationary characters, creating local contrast so that characters stand out from the background.”

The change was one that had been a long time coming, as a lot of players have been asking for it since 2012. “Since CS:GO’s release in 2012, some of the most common feedback we’ve received has been about the challenge of spotting characters in the world. We’ll continue to address feedback about specific problem spots by making adjustments to maps, but today we’re also shipping several new improvements to the way characters are rendered.”

Aside from the visibility issue that was tackled, a lot of maps also received some updates. One of these changes was flipping the doors to Dust2 B bombsite, making it easier when retaking the bombsite as CT, a long requested change. Overpass, Mirage, Inferno and Train also received some minor changes. Most of these tweaks are adding brightness to specific spots of the map or just small bug fixes. 

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Picture credit: Valve