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Kjaerbye announces retirement from CS:GO

The Danish CS:GO legend and major winner has announced his retirement.

Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjaerbye officially announced that he would be retiring from CS:GO. The Danish super star is leaving after accumulating countless accolades throughout his short career. Leaving only at 23, it seems like Kjaerbye has no intention of continuing in esports. In his heartfelt goodbye, Kjaerbye emphasized his appreciation to the game and esports scene.

Kjaerbye was most famous from his time on Astralis, where he won the ELEAGUE Major 2017. At this time, Kjaerbye became the youngest person to ever win a Major MVP, a record he still holds. The Danish rifler left Astralis in 2018, at seemingly the height of his career to join North.

Later in his career, Kjaerbye was a key member of the early FaZe Clan lineup. The team struggled to find results international and was soon benched. During his time on the bench, Kjaerbye worked on another projected dubbed HYENAS.

Unfortunately retiring before he could see a return to LAN, Kjaerbye is the latest CS:GO player to leave the game. Joining a mass of players seeing an exodus from the scene, whether to peruse other esports titles or to outright retire, the future of CS:GO seems in danger.

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