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How to change your settings to Quickcast in Dota 2 (and why you should)

In a fast paced game like dota 2 every millisecond counts. Let's take a look at quickcasting and why you should utilize it.

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eliminating unnecessary button presses with the quickcast option can give you a leg up on your opponents. How do you make use of this option the best way possible?

All or nothing

When using the basic options there is one giant quickcast button you can turn off or on. With this button it will mean that all of your spells will instantly fire towards your cursor position on casting. For some people who are in love with the concept of quickcast this might be exactly what they are looking for.

While others might enjoy the stability of being able the asses where to place their ability after pressing its hotkey. Maybe you even have certain spells you want to use quickcast for and other than you don’t. Well, luck is on your side, as dota 2’s hotkeys are incredibly customizable.

Unlimited customization

By making use of both the unit specific hotkeys option and advanced Quickcast/Autocast option you can determine on a spell by spell basis if they should be casted regularly, through quickcast or even autocasted. Simply choose what hero’s hotkeys you want to alter, and their spell icons will show up together with what key needs to be pressed to use these abilities.

Now by cycling through the normal cast, quickcast and autocast sections you can set up to three different keys that will activate this ability in three different ways. So if you want Dark Seer’s vacuum to be quickcast, Ion shell regular cast and autocasting surge. It is all possible and might even improve your MMR as your reaction times are suddenly quicker than everybody elses.

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