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FaZe win IEM Katowice as they sweep G2 Esports

A big victory for FaZe Clan at IEM Katowice, as they win the first big CS:GO trophy of 2022 and prove they’re a roster to be watched.

Things didn’t start out great for FaZe, who were once again without Havard “rain” Nygaard due to COVID-19, playing with Justin “jks” Savage instead. G2 Esports dominated Inferno early and when everything seemed all but over as they trailed 2-11, FaZe Clan bounced back to take G2 to overtime. There they completely took over and ended the map with a 19-15 win.

Everything switched around on Mirage, where FaZe dominated early only to have G2 Esports fight back and take them to overtime. Only after five overtimes was FaZe Clan able to close things out off of great performances from “jks” and Russel “Twistszz” Van Dulken. G2 Esports wasn’t giving up however and gave it their all on Dust II, but FaZe scraped by in a 16-14 win, taking the championship.

It’s yet another loss for the G2 Esports roster that still can’t catch a break in the final stages of major tournaments. FaZe on the other hand keeps on growing and the addition of Robin “ropz” Kool seems to have enabled them to push ever further. It was also an emotional final and victory for Finn “karrigan” Andersen, who led FaZe to the title and was able to win IEM Katowice for the first time.

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