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Esports team North ceases operations

Danish esports team North will immediately cease operations and leave the esports scene following a statement by their investors.

North announced the news today in a statement where they offered an explanation for the decision, mostly talking about the current pandemic as a leading cause. “The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has struck down big parts of the esports industry. As a result, Parken Sport & Entertainment and Nordisk Film decided to cease investment in esports company North, as they will shift full focus to their key activities.” Alongside a CS:GO roster, North also had a FIFA team and Apex Legends team.

Further down in the statement the investors explained they looked for co-investors to keep North around but they didn’t find the right fit. It marks the end of North, who ended up joining the CS:GO scene back in 2017 when they signed the former roster of Dignitas. Through the past years North established itself within the CS:GO scene, signing Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye  and winning DreamHack Masters Stockholm. Recently North struggled a little more when they decided to shift their focus to enabling younger players, offering them a path to the top. They recently signed Denis “grux” Gutaj to play for them but as North ceases operations, he won’t get the chance.

The former North players already took to Twitter to announce they’ll be looking for other options. One of them being established player René “cajunb” Borg. “Due to current circumstances I have been allowed to look for other options. Though I am sad about the news with North, I am also motivated to prove that I have what it takes to compete at the highest level.”

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