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Dota 2: The 2021 Battle Pass is here – What to expect

Valve has come out with the 2021 Battle Pass for Dota 2, while also releasing more information about the Summer Nemestice event and more.

Things for this Battle Pass are a little different, as traditionally the proceeds gained by players buying it would be going to the prize pool of The International. As the prize pool of The International 10 is already completed (at over 40 million dollars), that won’t be the case this time around. People who are looking to buy the 2021 Battle Pass will have to pay $7,49 to do so.

By increasing the level of their Battle Players, players will be able to gain multiple types of rewards. Raising your level can be done by completing objectives and just playing through matches, but those who don’t want to do that can just purchase the levels. The Spectre Arcana is one of these rewards, with the hero winning the TI 10 Arcana vote.

Among the rewards you’ll also find a unique persona for Dragon Knight, which is based on the popular Netflix anime Dragon’s Blood that released earlier this year. Players will gain the set as they play and progress through the Battle Pass. Furthermore there’ll be weekly quests, which can help you in gaining and earning Battle Points.

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