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Dota 2 Patch 7.30 released – Tinker rework, Aeon Disk nerfs & more

The long-awaited Patch 7.30 is finally here for Dota 2. Icefrog has brought plenty of changes to items, heroes and more to spice up the meta before we head into TI in August.

Valve has finally released the 7.30 Patch for Dota 2. Almost 3 months after the last Patch 7.29d the meta will now shift again as substantial changes have been made.

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Item Changes

Items are a meaty part of the changes this patch. With Aeon Disk finally getting a nerf, after it has plagued the meta for quite a while. The bonus HP was reduced and now each activation of the Disk will increase its cooldown up to 165 seconds. This should hopefully make the item less attractive. Witch Blade was also nerfed in its damage output. Besides tinkering with the stats items like Silver Edge and Helm of the Overlord were reworked and now need Crystalis and Vladimir’s Offering respectively.

Neutral Items were also reviewed in 7.30 with several items being removed and new ones added. Flicker was also slightly nerfed but still remains at large in the neutral item pool. Important to note is that now 5 Neutral Items drop per tier.

Hero Changes

Focus of 7.30 is of course to rein in the blatant meta heroes of the past patch. So unsurprisingly Axe’s Shard was reworked, Templar Assassin’s Psi Blades got nerfed and Puck was also nerfed to just name three prominent meta heroes of 7.29. There were also several reworks in 7.30, the most notable being Tinker. March of the Machines was moved to the Shard and Defensive Matrix is now the third skill in his kit. Rearm will now also include a built-in teleport ability that replaces the need to buy Boots of Travel.

It remains to be seen in which role Tinker will be played now going forward as his flash farming potential has been heavily nerfed prior to his Shard.

From the reworks notable ones also include a new Shard for Windranger, which knocks enemies back and a new Portal for Underlord’s Scepter that enables him and allies to move between two spots on the map for a limited amount of time.

You can find the full Patch Notes on the official website: Dota 2 Patch 7.30

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