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Dota 2 – Patch 7.27b released with hero adjustments

Valve has released the second part of their 7.27 patch focused on hero balance. After the first 7.27 patch mainly adjusted items, Icefrog has now moved to the heroes.

Just as announced the 7.27b Patch focuses heavily on the heroes in Dota 2 and should result in a major meta shift. Among the many changes Clinkz got the lion’s share as he was fully reworked to revolve around Death Pact as ultimate again. His Burning Army was moved to an Aghanim’s Scepter ability instead.

Nerfs to Ursa and Queen of Pain

As is tradition the overperformers of the current meta got hit by the nerf bat. For Patch 7.27b this obviously included Ursa and Queen of Pain (QoP), who had both been able to dominate pubs and pro play alike.

QoP saw nerfs to her strength gain and Shadow Strike damage. Sonic Wave was also adjusted to cost more mana on higher levels.

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Ursa suffered a smiliar fate as his Earthshock was nerfed alongside his Ultimate: Enrage. In 7.27b Ursa will be easier to kite with longer cooldown and a reduction in slow applied on Earthshock. Crowd Control abilities on the bear should also work out better now as Enrage’s cooldown was increased in the early levels with the level 20 talent that increased Enrage duration removed.

Partial reworks, buffs and more

Patch 7.27b also includes partial reworks for quite a few abilities and heroes. Among them Bloodseeker whose Bloodrage and Thirst abilities saw major changes. Centaur’s Retaliate was also adjusted and no longer has an active ability to increase your damage.

One winner of the patch was Silencer who received buffs across the board. Stronger talents, an improved Arcane Curse and a cooldown reduction for Global Silence might bring him back into the meta.

Although the patch focused on heroes, some items were also changed. Orchid and Monkey King Bar were nerfed slightly, while Hand of Midas is now cheaper to buy with 100 gold off the recipe cost.

For the full list of changes in Patch 7.27b refer to Valve’s official changelog:

Dota 2 – Patch 7.27b

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