September 25, 2020

de_tuscan finally comes to CS:GO

The legendary 1.6 map de_tuscan is about to finally make the jump over to CS:GO. First screenshots of the official port have been revealed.

During the 1.6-era de_tuscan was one of the most popular maps in the pool. Despite that Tuscan never made it to CS:GO until now. After numerous rumours it is now finally official that a CS:GO version is in the works.

Although Valve has not announced anything yet, DogminationOrg’s president NorS2021 has already said that Colin “Brute” Volrath and “Catfood” are working on an official CS:GO version.
He also shared first screenshots of CS:GO’s tuscan:

Gabe Follower shared another screenshot shortly afterwards:

Until now fans of Tuscan had to be content with a workshop version only. With an official map now on the way, players should be able to enjoy the iconic map soon. No release date has been announced, but playtesting is already underway. It is unclear if the map will be changed from the current workshop version.

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Image Credit: Steam



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