November 23, 2020

CS:GO – These are the most important Matchmaking Platforms

Annoyed at CS:GO’s 64 tick servers and in need of alternatives? We have taken a closer look at the most important Matchmaking Platforms for CS:GO and compared them.

One of the reasons players get upset with CS:GO’s built-in matchmaking is the tickrate of their servers. With plenty of 128 tick servers around it is not surprising that many players prefer the more fluid experience on them. The ranking system in CS:GO is also often criticized but Valve has shown no signs of changing those any time soon.

Thankfully other external providers have picked up the slack and provided the more competitive players with a home. We have taken a look at the three most important and common platforms on the market.


If you compare the three platforms just by their services in regards to CS:GO, there are only small differences between them. Faceit has the largest playerbase and also offers the biggest amount of possibilities. ESEA has all the necessary features too, but also several weaknesses. Especially with EU and NA players aplenty it might be difficult ot achieve low ping on ESEA servers.

If you are looking for a more localised community you should consider Faceit and Esportal, In terms of maximum value for your subscription Faceit also offers the most for your buck.

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Image Credits: FACEIT, ESEA, Esportal

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