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CS:GO – New Patch with updated Killfeed and more

A major update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive changes the killfeed to display more information. While that rework was the main focus there were also several smaller changes.

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The new patch has already hit the live servers and introduced players worldwide to the new killfeed. With new icons showcasing more information on each and every kill the developers have been hard at work.

These new icons will make it easier to determine whether or not your smokes and flashbangs were successful. The new killfeed offers you an easy to understand way if that time you died was just bad luck or getting outplayed.

New killfeed icons:

New icon showcasing blind kills
Blind Kill
New icon showcasing Wallbangs
New icon showcasing Noscopes
New icon showcasing kills through smoke
Through Smoke
Further changes

Besides the killfeed Valve has introdcued a new 1vs1 arena on the map Inferno. A clear sign that the developers will slowly be adding a warm-up variant of every map in the competitive rotation.
Once they are all implemented we can probably look forward to have the new warm-up enabled in ranked matchmaking.

The newest map Chlorine also received some love from Valve as numerous small fixes were made. Especially fixing positions where the bomb could be lost in are a big step towards making the map more balanced for competitive.

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