Bubzkji Wechselt Zu Astralis
July 31, 2020

CS:GO – Astralis add Bubzkji and kick JuGi

After a bumpy start into 2020 Danish team Astralis has to reorganize in order to find their feet in the big leagues once again. Now they took the first step towards that direction.

Over the past few years Danish CS:GO-Team Astralis achieved everything an organization could dream of in Counter-Strike. But after the sudden timeout of two of their top players and the controversy around their roster they have acquired a new player to help out the team.

As of today, former Mad Lions player Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen will replace the recent acquisition Jakob “JuGi” Hansen, Astralis announced on their website. This move is not quite in line with one of Kasper Hvidts recent statements, in which the Astralis sports director announced that all the new players are in it for the long run.

For the battered roster Bubzkji will be a great addition. As a rifler he lead his old team to win the first season of Flashpoint and was one of the stronger players in the team.

The roster move wasn’t quite in everyone’s best interest though, as JuGi’s statement reveals: “Of course, I am disappointed, but I also respect the decision and I am glad I had the chance to play for Astralis.”

Both the team and players agreed that JuGis playstyle didn’t quite fit the team, which is why he won’t stay a part of the expanding roster. With this move, Astralis stays with a team of seven players for now.

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Image Source: Astralis
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