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CS:GO 101 – Tips for playing Inferno

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the basics of CS:GO are explained down to the finest details, giving you the chance to become a professional player and learn the essentials of the game.

In this article we explain an Italian beauty: Inferno.


Inferno is one of those maps everyone knows and it’s generally well-liked. It has been part of the game since the old Counter-Strike 1.1 days. In more recent history, it received a major revamp along with the October 13, 2016 update. The looks have stayed largely the same since then, and the map was put back into the Active Duty Group on February 3, 2017. It has only gotten some minor touch-ups and bug fixes since.

The A site

The site with all sorts of nooks and crannies to hide away in, walls and boxes to hide behind, even haystacks you can climb on. This site is full of movement opportunities but offers relatively difficult spots to get through.

On the defence you will never run out of cover to hide behind. That is one of the key points of knowledge on the A site. You need to make use of all the cover the moment the fight is at hand. Initially, hold a strong position with plenty of vision to anticipate the terrorists. They might come from Short (that pathway behind the hay stack) or Balcony. A player on the site itself can keep Balcony covered, whereas the player in pit (the far, lowered corner area) looks down Short.

This bombsite is all about dynamics. Move quickly and keep open comms so that teammates from B can immediately come to support you when necessary. The A site is not an easy one to defend all by yourself. CTs can find strength in playing long range angles and keeping the terrorists at bay.

The offensive will be based around your utility and opening frags. Starting from mid you have two options. You can dive through upper middle and go right to Short, or left to Long. If you choose Short, then immediately throw utility into pit: a molotov further in the corner and a smoke somewhat closer to take away enemy vision. Otherwise Short becomes a slaughterhouse. Opting for Long means rapid play and the same utility focus. With Long you have to immediately get onto the bombsite, otherwise the enemy will be in your back in no-time. Far from ideal.

The other option is balcony, an arguably tougher execute based on team support with flashes. Balcony is a very narrow hallway to travel through, and just one CT on the balcony itself can ruin your day. Flashes at the ready!

The B site

Featuring the narrowest approach of them all, the B site almost feels like it was made for the counter-terrorists to have a field day. It adds an entire layer of difficulty to the B rush tactic, so terrorists beware.

As a counter-terrorist, this might just seem like the easier site to defend. There is really only one way to be looking: Banana – this aptly named, narrow pathway is the terrorists sole initial entrance to the B site. There is a spot with some wooden barrels for your convenience, to hide behind and get the early read on a possible B execute. This is the ideal position for an AWP player. A good opening pick will put the Ts one man down and might stop their approach.

Not all is straightforward and easy on this site however. Utility will become your biggest enemy. From the get go, expect fire under your feet at barrels, smokes to take away your vision around the corner, giving your opponent a chance to group together and line up more utility. Another famous tactic (that works both ways) is a nade stack. Well played this could mean a definite kill for either side.

As a terrorist you might not feel all too giddy about going for the B site, as much as it might be in your instincts to rush straight at it. There is however definitely a method to the madness. Utility, utility, and more utility. A molotov on barrels, a smoke on the pathway to the CT spawn, flashes to push you into the site and get the opening picks.

It is possible to take the site given the right method. Another few things to keep in mind: do not run in one straight line down Banana. You will become far easier to spray down, and your enemy might even get collaterals. Do not give them an even easier time defending this bombsite.

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