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CS:GO 101 – Tips for playing Dust2

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the basics of CS:GO are explained down to the finest details, so you can become a pro in no-time. In this article we’ll give you some tips when playing Dust2

Dust2 is one of the oldest maps in rotation right now. In professional play it is a map known for its aggressive and high-paced playstyle. The map is relatively easy to get to grips with, so the teams that play best on it are teams that can shine with really crazy aim skills or very rapid tactics.

Know your defense

First off, on the CT-side, you have to know what angles to play off. Time to take this site by site. On the A site there are a few focus points. At the start of the round, you can only really expect terrorists from two points: A Long, the stretch of road towards the terrorist spawn point. Terrorists will be going for aim battles and normally speaking have utility ready to block your vision, such as flashes and smokes. Be ready to look away from flashbangs and peek from one of the boxes on the site.

The other point of focus on the A site is Short. This is a closer-knit funnel point for enemies as they have less space to move through, but they will also be on the site way faster. An incendiary works a charm here, if you stack two of them you can completely lock off the stairs and hold back pushing terrorists.

Besides these two main places, keep in mind that enemies could come through CT spawn, but the odds are considerably lower. Besides, your teammates should have communicated to you that a mid to CT spawn push is happening in the first place. As always, communication is everything.

Stop the B rush

The B site has much narrower chokepoints. A strong B site defence is made through sticking close to the bombsite. Enemies will most likely be coming from tunnels, because the same thing is true compared to the A site; you should be hearing from your teammates if mid control is lost and enemies can push through.

All-in-all the site should be easier to defend due to far tighter spots that the enemy has to move through. A well-placed incendiary in front of tunnels might even win the round when you are in the last critical seconds.

A strong offense is everything

On the terrorist side you need to really break out the high-paced plays. The key to success is overwhelming your enemy by getting onto the site right away. Pair this up with that one player in your team that can really hit the right shots to break open a bombsite. Dash some utility on top and you have the perfect recipe for a strong Dust2 terrorist side.

For the A site, the Long position will require excellent long-range play. In the pistol round the T-side is disadvantaged because the USPs (CT side pistol) reign supreme at long range. Utility is your friend as flashes can take away vision from the defenders or perhaps help with taking a frag. Smokes are even better as they will allow you to advance closer to the site.

The Short position comes with an added difficulty. You will have to fight for middle control first and potentially have to anticipate a rotation from enemies on B site. As such your utility has to be lined up well: smokes to create cover from Long and the bombsite itself. Also remember to have a smoke handy in case the counter-terrorists throw an incendiary grenade.

More difficulty on B site

On the B site things seem a lot more difficult. Everyone has heard of the B rush tactic which unironically works at times. This requires a good spawn for starters, if three or more teammates are spawned close enough to tunnels it is a viable option. The team communication needs to be good from the get go. Your utility is also essential; the skybox is open inside tunnels so you can throw smokes towards the window and double doors position.

Once you get onto the bombsite there are several angles to keep in mind. Later into the match there may be an enemy positioned deep behind the box for which a molly will work wonders. Further spots to keep an eye on are the car to the right as you exit tunnels. There may also be an enemy hiding on the site, behind the pillar just under window.
In the after-plant situation you are likely to win on a B bombsite due to it being incredibly difficult to retake for counter-terrorists with no utility left.

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