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CS:GO 101 – How to play Train

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the basics of CS:GO are explained down to the finest details, giving you the chance to become a professional player and learn the essentials of the game.

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Get your tickets ready, because in this article Train will be explained down to its delightfully intricate details.

A bit of history

Train has been part of Counter-Strike since the olden 1.6 days. It received its first significant revamp with the port to Source, and initially remained unchanged when Global Offensive was released. Another major rework came through on December 10, 2014, and about 4 months later Train was added to the Active Duty Group. It was recently replaced by Ancient.

The A Site

Defending this bombsite is all about taking the right positions. The A site has a ton of interesting places to hide in all around. There are a couple of trains on the site itself you can hide behind, but there are a few spots you should most certainly have covered.

The little room in the far front of the site, with the ladder leading up. This is called popdog. A player here is important for holding it off and communicating a potential push via the ladder or Main (the foremost entrance for Terrorists). You will also need somebody in the back of the site to hold off Ivy (the pathway from the outer part of the map, coming via T spawn).

Generally the A site will have more of the defending players due to there being far more spots for the Ts to come through. However, once they do push through, you will need to play it carefully. The enemy gets a lot of cover to play with, but you can use this to your own advantage.

Attacking as usual will need support from utility. The trick lies in lining up the utility beforehand and cancelling out rotations from the B site. You will want to make sure connector and popdog are covered up, just like the back of the site. This denies vision and allows you to focus on exactly where CT players are left open. Remember to get flash support from teammates to actually get onto the site.

Your first priority need to be getting the bomb down, otherwise the counter-terrorists can play out the timer. Be sure to make this the first priority the moment part of the site is clear to cover. A molotov onto connector can also be used to defend your bomb planter.

The B site

Counter-terrorists might think this is a walk in the park. This site seems disadvantaged to the enemy, as the terrorists need to run through narrow chokepoints. The options are relatively limited too: they have to storm down B ramp or onto catwalk, the respectively lower and higher part of the B site.

Make sure one player is dedicated to keep tabs on catwalk; the early call if they are storming through there is vital, otherwise you will quickly find yourself outnumbered. Your dedicated AWPer can be the star of the round if he plays this spot well. The narrow walkway lends itself to quick peeks and effortless frags. You will also want to keep your incendiary close to hold back B ramp players. It could be cancelled by a smoke but will still tick away some damage or delay.

Terrorists need good timing and, you guessed it, well-placed utility. The B site has narrow chokepoints to get through, so they need to be secured before actually going through. Smokes as always are excellent to cover your entrance. There are two easy ones to remember.

If you go down ramp, throw a smoke a little ways ahead. This takes away vision from players far on the site or coming through connector. You will still need to flash yourself in or be flashed in with this smoke, as otherwise a player on the site itself knows exactly how to anticipate you.

Another similar smoke to throw is one onto the catwalk, the upper part of B. It serves the same purpose to prevent being an easy target for an enemy holding down this angle.
An altogether well played T-side is also about taking your time and reading your enemy. Focus on the site that seems to be their weakest and play to your own strengths. On B but just as much on A you have to keep in mind that it offers the same chances to dance around the site and run down the bomb timer.

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