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CS:GO 101 – How to play Cache

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the basics of CS:GO are explained down to their intricate details, allowing you to become a professional player in no-time.

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Today Cache will be explained, a map that has potential to end up in the Active Duty Group soon enough, especially since it received a complete overhaul.

The history behind Cache

Cache originally started as a custom map back in the Source days. It was remade to straighten out balance issues and then added to Global Offensive. It spent several years in the Active Duty group, becoming a much-loved part of team’s rotations, until it was eventually replace by Vertigo in early 2019. Towards the end of 2019, in October, it was reintroduced with a completely updated look, but it has not yet found its way back into the Active Duty group.

The A site

Defence will feel comfortable behind the various hiding spots that the site offers them, but it is important to recognise how these can just as easily be used against you. The enemy can be expected through two main chokepoints, disregarding mid as usual (because you should have one man watching mid). The door, which puts terrorists through a narrow walkway and gives an audio cue the moment they open the door, can be shot through; a strong spraydown with a rifle here might even net you a kill.

You will want to put one player further back in the site and consider putting another one under heaven (the raised metal plateau), next to the forklift. These players need to be quick to respond the moment enemies rush in and communicate an A execute the moment it happens. The mid player can immediately rotate through highway (the pathway from mid to A) and provide support.

Offence must rely on utility to initially secure the site, and then lock it down. Two smokes are vital, one in front of highway and one next to the box and denying vision from the car. A molly will also do wonders if you can land it behind forklift, forcing a player hiding there to move away. Combine your push with flashes as usual because otherwise the CTs can simply play as if they are in a shooting range.

Swift play is necessary because that way the counter-terrorists can get no support and you will immediately turn the game into an afterplant. Once the smokes expire the CTs will usually work out of highway or car, but remember that they might go for a full wrap around and try to retake the site from main. It is a costly and time-consuming tactic but the element of surprise can help.

The B site

CTs will be utilising the legendary high ground and will find that their travel time to the B site is a tad quicker compared to A. This also means that you cannot stay too far back, save for one player on heaven that can use the wall as cover and peek in when required. Another player should be located deeper onto the site itself or take place in checkers (the room to the side with the checkered floor). Generally the B site will see slightly less action than the A site, so expect less action here in general.

Do not forget that smokes are great for delaying here when needed, locking off A main and for example sending the terrorists around via checkers. It will also simply create time for your teammates to rotate around and support your position. Incendiaries can work through the smoke provided you throw them deep enough, forcing the Ts back just a little further.

Ts need their utility as well and need to prep it in advance. You can throw it through the high windows located in the flash room (as you run to the B site, the elongated side room) and line up smokes to take away vision from the main area and for example the heaven spot. It is the same tactic as you can apply to many bombsites but it is just as important. You will want to place your molotovs deep on the site because it is very likely a player is hiding out deep on the site itself.

Consider working with a two pronged approach, where once you grab mid control a player or two can rush through the vents to surprise the counter-terrorists out of checkers. If your utility is lined up well it should be an effortless bomb site to take.

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