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CS:GO 101 – Finding out what guns work for you

In CS:GO you’re not shy of options when it comes to guns. How do you figure out which ones work the best for you?

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Assess the situation

It can be beneficial for your team if you analyze the situation at hand and buy a gun that fits the scenario, taking into account your economy, what side you’re on and of course your own proficiency with that gun. When you’ve barely scraped enough cash together to potentially buy that AWP, it might be better to just let things be and go with a more economy-friendly option, unless the situation absolutely calls for it.

Practice patterns

Make sure you’ve at least familiarized yourself with almost every gun in the game to ensure you know what it does, how it works, what the damage output is like and how it feels to traverse the map using it. There’s multiple practice tools available within CS:GO to get you more comfortable, so use them. Pay particular attention to spray patterns and try to get the knack for controlling them.

Know your options

Take a look at what the best players around are using and learn from them. Watching other people play can be very beneficial. It’ll teach you how other players tend to utilize their weapons and their style of play. Once you know how you like to approach gunfights, especially considering offense or defense, you’ll get more comfortable using certain weapons. Building that kind of familiarity is important, because using the same guns builds muscle memory, which can give you a massive advantage.

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