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CS:GO 101 – 3 Crucial Tips to being an entry fragger

Welcome to CS:GO 101, where the basics of CS:GO are explained down to their intricate details, allowing you to become a professional player in no-time.

This article will give you several tips to improve your time playing as an entry fragger.

Tip 1 – Know your enemy and their hiding spots

You have to know exactly where to look for your opponents, but be sure to get through to their patterns as well. In the first place it is about knowing where enemies will regularly be hiding. Every map has dedicated spots per bomb site where you can expect players to be hiding. Some of the more prevalent defending places are actually explained in the CS:GO 101 articles about every map.

So, you have the knowledge, now you need to start applying it. Start paying attention to which spots are usually taken by the CTs. Usually a pattern starts to develop itself, where a player will usually pick a particular spot on the bomb site to position themselves in. Once you catch onto that pattern you can start prefiring and using various methods to make your entry to the site far easier.

Tip 2 – Utility makes everything smoother

One of the most essential things in the whole of the game is of course utility. It is also just as essential with entry fragging. Without decent utility getting onto the bombsite is literally a coin toss of who will win the aim battle. Therefore just about every piece of utility can be used to make things easier.

You will have to rely on your teammates for this utility to serve you best. You cannot be occupied with flashing yourself in but will have to get that perfect line-up from a teammate with their flash, giving you a chance to push ahead whilst the enemy is blinded. Additionally, molotovs will be excellent for flushing unflashed targets out of the places they will be holding. Top this off with smokes so your entry into the site is not soured up by some supporting defenders rotating around.

Tip 3 – Know your weaponry

Another tip that might sound obvious, but it really makes a difference. Your aim has to be excellent as you will be going toe to toe with your enemies. Nothing stops an entry fragger like losing an aim duel. So, before you start playing you will want to warm up with an aim map of some sort (there are a lot available on the Community Workshop) or even just a simple game of deathmatch. You have to already getting that muscle memory awoken to start destroying people from the start.

On top of that, you need to have a strong knowledge of the guns themselves. Learn the recoil patterns of the Glock, Mac-10, AK. Those will be the most likely weapons to enter onto a bombsite with. If you have those put down you will find shooting the guns will feel like second nature.

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