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Wild Rift patch 2.3 adds 4 new champions and more skins

Players of the mobile League of Legends games will welcome both new champions and skins with the latest patch.

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Wild Rift patch 2.3 stands the change the mobile game a great deal. A developer diary regarding the upcoming patch previewed the plethora of changes quickly approaching the game. In the announcement, both Riven and Irelia headlined as upcoming champions to Wild Rift.

As with most champions that enter Wild Rift, both Irelia and Riven will undergo some level or reworking. Irelia’s Blade Surge ability will prioritize low health enemies given the difficultly of tapping on screen. Senna and Lucien will also join the active roster of Wild Rift.

The upcoming Broken Blades event will give player the ability to unlock either Irelia or Riven through missions and rewards. This new event will be released later in the week. Alongside this, patch 2.3 will add a ‘close friends’ feature the game. This will allow users to go through their friends list and denote specific players as ‘close friends.’

Also coming with patch 2.3 will be 11 total champion skins available for purchase. The skins will include: True Damage Senna, Hired Gun Lucien, Pool Party Leona, Pool Party Lee Sin, Pool Party Renekton, Order of the Lotus Irelia, Galaxy Slayer Zed, Arcade Kai’sa, Battle Boss Ziggs, Battle Academia Ezrael, and Battle Academia Lux.

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Image Credit: Riot Games