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Twitch unveils tool for DMCA free music

The streaming platform Twitch has launched a brand new music tool for streamers. With the new “Soundtrack” tool streamers will have the chance to use music cleared of copyright issues.

With Twitch itself starting to tigthen the leashes in terms of music being used during streaming, the platform has now launched a tool to avoid copyright issues and DMCA-takedowns.

The new tool promises streamers a large library of music from all genres to stream “worry free”. According to the FAQ published by Twitch, streamers will have different playlists and audio channels to pick from. The chosen music will then play during the stream but will not be included in VoDs or clips.

Especially with the wave of DMCA-related bans and takedowns on Twitch during June in mind, the new tool is an important step for many smaller streamers. While the tool is still in beta, creators can already sign up for it following this link:

Beta sign-up

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Image Credit: Twitch


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