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Rogue Company explained – A mix of VALORANT, Fortnite and Call of Duty

Hi-Rez Studios are back with a new project. Rogue Company is their latest game after previous titles SMITE and Paladins.

What is Rogue Company? A question that seems quite hard to answer. Is it a tactical shooter? Not really. Battle Royale? Only a little bit. Call of Duty? Maybe. Rogue Company combines various different shooters into one new experience.

You can see for yourself via the new trailer or the various streams of influencers, who have gotten early access to it. Just like VALORANT and Hyper Scape Rogue Company offers drops on Twitch that will grant you access to the beta.

If you are unwilling to wait around and hopefully get lucky, you can also purchase access to the beta through a “Founder’s Pack”.

Rogue Company explained

If you look at the new shooter on a round by round basis it shows the most similarity to tactical shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or VALORANT. Defenders have to hold two bomb sites against attackers to achieve victory. Every round starts with buying your equipment for the upcoming clash.

But the gameplay is much faster and with a high Time to Kill one can also compare Rogue Company to Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy mode.

That is not the only novelty introduced by Rogue Company. Instead of fixed spawn points on maps you begin each round by jumping out of a plane and choosing your landing site just like in Fortnite or other Battle Royales.

Surprisingly for a tactical shooter the game is also played in third person view. Which allows you to safely look across corners and difficult to check angles. Players are also not immediately eliminated from a round. They first go “down” and can be rescued by their teammates as long as they are not finished off by their opposition.

Will this mixture of almost every competitive shooter available prove to be a success? It is too early to tell yet, but we will keep an eye on it.

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Image Credit: Hi-Rez Studios
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