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Who are the best LCS teams after week 2? – 100 Thieves and Cloud9 finish their perfect week

Week two has come and gone, and perhaps has given some insight into the best LCS teams currently.

While the first days of the season saw plenty of upsets, the LCS seems to be leveling out finally. The early favorites took some time to meet their high expectations, but the standings are beginning to cement. After this week, who are the strongest teams?

Are 100 Thieves really the ones on top?

100 Thieves are firmly tied with TSM in second place at a respectable 16-8 record. Perhaps weighed down by their middling results from Spring, 100 Thieves could make a case for being the best team in the LCS. After their initial loss to Immortals, 100 Thieves have not dropped a game.

The organization’s new midlaner, Felix “Abbedagge” Braun has played a massive role in this transformation, flexing both mage and assassins. With two of the most consistent solo laners so far in the season, 100 Thieves are deadly now that they’ve found their stride.

Cloud9 recovers from a stagnant start

The MSI representatives raised eyebrows in all the wrong ways after dropping their first two domestic games back in the LCS. The team has since shown that this ‘mini-slump’ was reached it’s end. An impressive week 2 saw Cloud9 complete their perfect week, taking down clear middle-of-the-pack teams.

Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami, incredible performance since coming back from MSI has propelled the team to their first place position. An impressive Gwen game against Dignitas, showed not only the champion’s potential, but his mechanical prowess as well. The Spring champions have certainly shown that they have it within them to repeat their title run.

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