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What is the new League of Legends item ‘Hullbreaker’ and who should build it?

The newest League of Legends item is Hullbreaker, replacing Sanguine Blade, and is live today on the PBE. What kind of item is it, exactly?

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First and foremost, Hullbreaker will be a Legendary Item that is replacing Sanguine Blade. The item itself will be going live with Patch 11.13 and is currently being tested in the PBE. WHen it comes to stats, Hullbreaker will give you 50 Attack Damage, 400 Health and 150% Base Health Regen, alongside an unique ability that gives you armor and magic resist, with 20% increased damage to towers (when allied champions aren’t nearby), as well as extra armor and Magic Resist for nearby large minions.

As you’ve probably noticed, Hullbreaker puts a lot of focus on (AD) split pushers, which means some champions will get a lot of benefit out of it. A champion such as Yorick will find himself greedily looking towards Hullbreaker, as well as Nasus, who is already boasting high win rates in solo queue right now. The item would also work out well on champions such as Tryndamere, Fiora and Jax who like to split push.

The community has already expressed their concern about the item, with many deeming it a tad too strong right off the bat. Riot Phlox took to Reddit to say they’ll be monitoring the results of the item closely and that they’ll change things up if needed. For now, it surely looks like a powerful option.

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Image Credit: Riot Games