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Twitch ban because of Nanoleaves?

The Nanoleaf is a LED panel that many streamers like to hang up on their walls. The design might not be perfectly thought out though, as they got one streamer banned on Twitch yesterday.

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion around Twitch staff and how they handle reports and bans on the streaming service. The case of a german streamer who got banned for having Nanoleaves in the background of her stream might be the icing on the cake.

The streamer called MariaCataleya has around 60.000 followers on Twitch and received a Twitch ban just this week for the Nanoleaf Canvas she uses to illuminate the background of her facecam. Because of the unfortunate lighting pattern they create, she received a ban for showing swastikas in her stream.

Streamer colleague Staiy commented on Twitter: “I thought I’d already seen every possible reason for a ban, but that one is incredible even for me.”

Twitch reacted quickly

After the streamer filed a complaint on Twitch, she immediately got unbanned. Still, the situation shows that nobody is really safe on Twitch bacause of the way bans are easily handed out currently.

On the other hand, combatting symbols of hatred is an important task for a streaming service with such a big userbase. The allgorithm might be a little bit overtuned though.

To be fair, this is not the first time the Nanoleaf canvas’ patterns were mistaken for the Third Reich’s symbol. As soon as the product was released, the internet pointed out the obvious.


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Image source: Amazon; MariaCataleya