June 25, 2020

Twitch announces permanent bans to deal with abuse and hate

As reaction to the ongoing wave of revelations regarding sexual harrassment and abuse Twitch has announced a harder stance, threatening permanent bans to offenders.

Twitch will permanently ban all users who have been convicted of sexual harrassment or assault. Since the weekend countless women have spoken up in Social Media in regards to their experiences in the wider gaming world.

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Twitch is working on new tools

For major cases Twitch has announced to escalate affairs as necessary to the responsible authorities. Especially for cases outside of the streaming platform investigations will include authorities. Before declaring any sanctions Twitch aims to gather as much information as possible.
In order to do so Twitch is working on additional tools and guidelines to prevent future harrassment and misconduct on Twitch. As one of the first steps the streaming platform will improve “AutoMod” with an updated list of prohibited words.

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Image Credit: Twitch
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