August 28, 2020

TSM signs Chess Grandmaster

One of the more recent Twitch trends has been chess. Hikaru Nakamura has established himself as the chess streamer for most. Now Team SoloMid has taken the grandmaster under contract.

At the age of 15 Hikaru Nakamura became he youngest American grandmaster and has since then been a fixture in the chess world. But he has also become a chess superstar on Twitch over the recent time with over 500,000 followers watching his streams.

In his streams the five time chess champion from the United States often explains moves in the game in an approachable and easy manner.

Now Team SoloMid has signed the grandmaster, who has also established himself in the Twitch scene when he casted the “pogchamps” streamer tournament.

Twitch has its own “Chess” category.

Are other organisations going to follow up on TSM’s move? C9 has at least tweeted at current chess world champion Magnus Carlsen.

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