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Tryndamere to get nerfed in newest League of Legends patch alongside Rengar adjustments

The newest League of Legends Patch 12.06 is hitting the rift soon, as the developers look to tackle some persistent problems.

One of these problems is Tryndamere, who has been dominating recently with little counterplay, will be hit with nerfs to his E and Ultimate. Another champion that’ll be targeted is Hecarim, who will see his damage output go down slightly, especially towards later stages of the game. His Q and E will be nerfed with lower base damage.

Another name that pops up is Rengar, who has been struggling in the jungle. This upcoming patch looks to restore him, altering his passive and putting more focus on critical strike damage, while also granting true sight on his E and ultimate to make chasing down and finding his prey a little easier.

Finally there’s a few champions who’ll be getting buffed, with one of the most notable ones being Nidalee, who also suffers from a decreased jungle presence, getting buffs on her W and E in the form of mana cast and AoE radius (former) and Cast Range (latter). Other champions who are due for a buff are Azir (health per level increase), Darius (More base damage on Ultimate) and Jax (More base health and W base damage).

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