September 16, 2020
League of Legends

The Worlds Patch is here – Patch 10.19 arrives

Patch 10.19 will be the final patch before Worlds kick off. Riot has decided to slightly nerf Akali, Lucian and Caitlyn.

14 champions in total have been adjusted by Riot Games in Patch 10.19. Some of the notable nerfs include lower damage on Akali’s Q or Lucian’s reduced damage gain per level. Caitlyn’s headshot damage in her W was also lowered.

Especially the nerfs to Akali and Lucian are more than justified with their current strength in the meta. Riot’s Lead Gameplay Designer, Mark Yetter has stated that he wants to prevent those from having a 100% pick/ban rate.

These changes follow the teasers he posted earlier.

Sylas for late game and the return of Aphelios?

The planned changes to Talon and Nunu were reverted as their impact on the meta does not seem to be as influential as initially thought.
Instead Aphelios might be returning to dominance on the bot lane. The AD Carry with flexible weaponry will receive a higher damage gain per level (from 2 to 2,4).
Sylas’ buff on his ultimate is also quite significant. Instead of 60 seconds cooldown, he will be able to use it every 40 seconds now.

Ahri’s W also got a reduced cooldown, coupled with lower manacosts. Riot also buffed Sivir’s passive to increase the movement speed by another 5 units.

New champion Samira will also be playable shortly after the new patch.

Champion adjustments in 10.19:


W passive bonus attack speed 20-60 -> 10-50%

Twisted Fate
Base movement speed 335 -> 330

Base attack damage 64 -> 62
W headshot damage increase 60-240 -> 40-240

Senna (ADC)
Passive mist wraith spawn on minion kill 8,33% -> 4,166%

Q damage 35-135 -> 25-125

Attack damage per level 2,75 -> 2,3


W cooldown 10-6 -> 9-5, mana cost 55 -> 40

Passive movement speed 30-50 -> 35-55

R attack damage buff 25-55 -> 35-65

Attack damage per level 2 -> 2,4

R cooldown 100-60 -> 100-40

E slow amount 40-60% -> 50-70%

Udyr (Phoenix)
R cone damage 50-275 (+60% Ability Power) -> 50-325 (+70% Ability Power)

R barrage damage 125-325 -> 125-375; perimeter damage 125-275 ⇒ 125-375

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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