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The Overwatch League is returning to LAN according to Blizzard

After a long while of online Overwatch action, the Overwatch League is headed back to a LAN environment, according to Blizzard.

It’s been well over a year of online Overwatch for the Overwatch League, but Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the league is returning back to a LAN environment. They’ve revealed their plans for multiple live events in the upcoming season, which will all be played in China in three different months. As for now, there’s no information on a return to LAN for North America as of yet.

The events will be played from June 4 to June 6 hosted by Hangzhou Spark (June Joust), July 9 to July 11 by Shanghai Dragons (Summer Showdown) and from August 7 to August 8 by Guangzhou Charge (The Countdown Cup). While the events are in fact returning to LAN, there won’t be a big crowd present as all the participating venues will operate with a reduced audience and crowd to ensure safety. It’ll also only be the Chinese teams that will compete on location, with the others still competing online out of Korea.

Fans had to wait quite a long while to see their favorite players compete in-person again, but the moment finally seems to have come again.

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