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Riot plans mid-scope updates for both Taliyah and Olaf

League of Legends developers have talked about some possible updates to Taliyah and Olaf which should be released in a couple of months.

It’s no secret that both Taliyah and Olaf haven’t really been in the meta in recent weeks, let alone months. Both champions have struggled a fair share in season 12 and Riot Games have taken notice of the issue. Much like they did with other champions that fell out of favor such as Janna (who quickly became a staple again) and Ahri, they’re planning to change Taliyah and Olaf a little bit to better fit the current environment.

The lead champion designer, Riot August, spoke about the changes on Twitter, again specifically naming both Taliyah and Olaf. “We’re beginning to ramp up work on “mid-scope updates”. These are larger sets of changes for champions that can take a couple months to lock down. The recent Ahri and Janna adjustments are examples of work in this space. Mid-scopes for Taliyah and Olaf are currently in flight.”

The goal of the mid-scope changes is to revitalize the champions that might have fallen out of favor. They however didn’t give a timeframe for the changes yet, but it’s expected that we’ll have to wait a couple of months before we’re going to see any big changes to Olaf and Taliyah.

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Image Credit: Riot Games
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