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The best weapons to use in Deathloop

These are our picks for the best weapons in Deathloop.

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Deathloop has countless guns, but has a select few that can allow you to breeze through Blackreef. Many of these guns can be found scattered across the map held by enemies, claimed through quest lines, and in Arsenal Leads. The weapons listed below are the best infused weapons, meaning they stick with you between loops.

The Tribunal

This weapon is fairly strong on its own, but with the Suppressor trait this pistol is unstoppable. This pistol is the most stealthy weapon in Deathloop as it is completely silent. Sneaking around with this weapon is incredibly easy, and you can virtually avoid detection anywhere.

Sepulchra Baeteria

The Sepulchra Baeteria is the most powerful sniper rifle in Deathloop. Along with its incredibly high damage, bonuses built into the weapon ensure that the gun’s accuracy is almost perfect when scoped in. You can obtain the Sepulchra Baeteira by completing the “Keep on Giving” Arsenal Lead, which can be started in front of Dorsey’s Manor in Updaam.

Constancy Automatic

The Constancy Automatic is an effectively pistol that showcases impressive damage, fire rate, and reload speed. The unique aspect of this pistol comes with the gun’s ability to reload and fire at the same time. You can take the Constancy Automatic from Frank Spicer’s body. To get the weapon, you’ll need to follow the “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank” Vision Lead.

Heritage Gun

The Heritage Gun has two different ‘settings’ that make it rather unique. The first allows it to fire with a traditional shotgun spread, while the second gives a more focused bullet. This makes the weapon incredibly flexible and effective at both close and long ranges. You can get the Heritage Gun by completing the “Super Shifty” Arsenal Lead.

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