Team Liquid trash TSM
June 15, 2020
League of Legends

Team Liquid trash Doublelift and TSM

The long awaited return of the League of Legends Champions Series (LCS) has delivered a weekend full of top tier play. It also brought a humbling of Team SoloMid’s star ADC Yiliang “Doubellift” Peng.

It was the transfer that overshadowed most of the off-season: Doublelift returns to TSM. Although the transfer itself went off without a hitch, in the wake of it the LCS record champion said that he felt mistreated during his last couple of weeks at Team Liquid.

Doublelift: “I just want to destroy that team so badly”

To fan the flames of the grudge match further Doublelift indulged in some classical trashtalk before the clash. As TL did not treat him well last split Doublelift let loose and said: “I just want to destroy that team so badly. I want to embarrass them. It’s just a new wave of motivation for me.”

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Team Liquid dismantle TSM

Closing out the video he said that TL should be scared, but in the Rift his words could not have been further from the truth as TSM were run over within 25 minutes with a staggering gold advantage for Liquid.

Especially Edward “Tactical” Ra, his replacement on TL’s ADC role put on a clinic and finished off the game with a 7-0-6 KDA. Doublelift himself had a disappointing game as he could not take control of the match on Kalista and ended up with just a single kill and three deaths to his name. With such a clear-cut loss against them Doublelift’s return to TSM has not started off well at all.

Although TSM would take the victory in the second match of the week against Dignitas Doublelift’s show of confidence has backfired spectacularily. His former teammates at Team Liquid move to 2-0 as they also won their second series against the Golden Guardians.

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Image Credit: Oshin Villa Tudayan/Riot Games
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