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RNG defeat PSG Talon in MSI 2021 Semi-finals, poised to win their second MSI

Making it to the top four once again, PSG Talon were unable to close out in their Bo5 series against RNG.

From the ashes of the LMS, the PCS has carried the tradition of success seen by Taiwanese teams. Unfortunately, they also continued the curse of exceeding expectations in group stage and falling flat in Bo5s. Ultimately, their LPL rivals, RNG, took the win and advanced to their second MSI finals as an organization.

Considering the strengths of the two teams, game one went according to script. River’s incredible early, which enabled their impressive 60% control rates over herald and first tower thus far, allowed an early first blood that converted into a 2 dragon advantage. Despite this, RNG never faced a gold deficit. Similar to the rumble stage, Xiaohu’s positive lane differentials alone kept the gold in RNG’s favor even when at an objective disadvantage.

PSG managed to fight their way back into the game, however waited a on a decisive teamfight that RNG never gave them. RNG’s subtle map control granted them a 3K baron which they used to secure the first win in the series.

PSG Talon retaliated with the fastest and most one-sided game of the series. Talon’s advantages started in drafts as the PSC representatives drafted a strong team fight composition. Maple’s selection of Sylas was integral to their win, as the champion is strongest when facing down an enemy Gnar. Stolen Gnar ults paired with Nocturne’s ultimate and Tristana dive potential on paper made PSG Talon a clear team fight threat. This translated perfectly in game. 

Game 3 followed with an equally dominant performance, but this time the other way. RNG reacted well to their disastrous game 2, prioritizing Nocturne bans and denying PSG Talon the same team fighting comp. Game 3 was largely decided by an early botlane skirmish with RNG ballooned into a massive lead. The efforts of Wei and Xiaohu ensured that RNG never let go of their advantages.

On the verge of elimination, PSG Talon put their faith into Hanabi’s Gangplank. Initially this panned out well for Talon as Hanabi accrued a 2 kill and 15 CS over Xiaohu, however PSG’s eagerness to fight prove to be detrimental early on. Eventually, PSG’s near constant skirmishing proved fruitful as they entered the late game even once more.

One decisive teamfight secured the game for RNG. Back in the MSI finals, Xiaohu is poised to be the first player to win two MSIs in different roles and reclaim the LPL’s dominance over international events.

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