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Riot starts up Riot Games Music, their own music label

Riot Games have officially announced the launch of their new record label division, Riot Games Music.

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Riot has kicked off their record label with a fan-driven project called ‘Sessions.’ In their first blog post, Riot Games Music stated that the Sessions soundtracks will be developed alongside several different partnered artists. Most notably, it was also revealed that all music released under the Sessions project will be available for use by any content creators “without concern for copyright strikes.”

The first soundtrack in the Sessions project was released with this massive announcement and is titled ‘Sessions:Vi’. This initial album sees the League of Legends character, Vi, with a backdrop of Piltover and Zaun with several animations playing over the soundtrack. The track comes in at an hour and a half long with 37 tracks in total featuring various artists. Though not confirmed, it does appear as though the Sessions project will likely take the theme of Riot Games’ unique characters. Whether this will expand from League of Legends to VALORANT remains to be seen.

Riot Games is of course no stranger to the music industry. The famous game developing company has published works under fictional pop groups such as KDA and True Damage. Alongside this, for the past eleven years Riot Games has also collaborated with countless artists in crafting an annual Worlds theme. Regardless of where Riot’s new musical endeavor goes, it is clear that this idea was long in the making.

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Image Credit: Riot Games