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Riot Games set to publish first Runeterra novel ‘Ruination’

Riot Games will be publishing a novel centered around League of Legends and set in their world Runeterra.

Riot Games will be pairing up with Orbit to publish the first novel that is set in the League of Legends world, which will dive deeper into the character of certain characters such as Viego and Kalista. People won’t have to wait all that long anymore, as Riot and Orbit announced that the book will be published in September 2022 in both the US and UK, featuring digital and physical copies as well as an audiobook.

The press release talks a little more about what to expect from the book and the story it will follow. “The novel, Ruination, written by Anthony Reynolds, Principal Writer at Riot Games, tells the story of Kalista, military general to King Viego, as she searches for a legendary realm that may have access to ancient magic—the only way to cure the poisoned Queen Isolde.”

Ashley Maidy, the head of Consumer Products at Riot Games, emphasizes the importance of lore and telling these stories. “Stories play such an important role in exploring our world and champions in deep and meaningful ways. This is a foundational story for Runeterra, and will shed new light on the events that shape some of its most pivotal characters. We are thrilled that Orbit will be bringing this to life for our fans.”

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