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Riot Games and Bungie sue creator of VALORANT and Destiny 2 cheating software

Game developers Riot Games and Bungie filed a lawsuit against a developer of cheating software for their games VALORANT and Destiny 2. The cheat maker, GatorCheats, was reportedly also involved in creating cheats and hacks for other games. They now face charges for spreading, creating and selling cheating software.

According to the statements made by Riot Games and Bungie, the cheat developer sold his cheating software through a website, Discord and other media. The cheats that Riot Games and Bungie mentioned specifically seem to be tailor-made to evade the anti-cheating software set in place. According to the lawyers of Riot and Bungie, GatorCheats may have made upwards of 6 figures selling their cheats to other players.

The lawsuit follows an earlier cease and desist that was sent to the developer by Bungie, which saw GatorCheats stop their sales but they continued to support and help those who already purchased the software before the notice. Allegedly GatorCheats continued selling their software on private servers.

In the lawsuit text, Riot and Bungie explain their actions. “By this lawsuit, Plaintiffs (Riot and Bungie) seek to put a stop to the unlawful, for-profit sale and distribution of malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain unfair competitive advantages in the games, and, thereby, to impair and destroy Plaintiffs’ games, overall business, and the experience of Plaintiffs’ player community.”

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Image Credit: Bungie