June 15, 2020
League of Legends

Rekkles shares opinion on new ADC champions

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, the bot laner of Fnatic, has spoken out about the most recent new ADC champions and how they compare to the older ones. He also talks about a possible solution to the problem older ADC champions have.

The biggest issue with the new AD Carries today is that they make the older ones that used to be very strong almost obsolete, according to Rekkles. “I would rather see Riot Games rework AD Carries, instead of just release more newer ones. It’s just going to be like what happened with Aphelios and Senna, where the older ones are so outdated that they aren’t playable anymore.” 

To mitigate this problem, Rekkles suggests that Riot Games reworks older ADC’s to make them more relevant in the current meta. “The newer ones are so fresh that they’ll always be played. It would just be better if they started reworking champions so you can actually play your nostalgic champions. If I could play Vayne every game, I’d love it.”

Playing the older ADC champions feels like going back in time according to Rekkles. Their kit just can’t stand up to the newly released champions such as Senna and Aphelios. Rekkles cites Jhin as an example. “A new Jhin would be sick, his kit is insane and he’s very unique, no other AD Carry has what he has. Yet he’s also outdated, so when you play him it doesn’t feel like playing League of Legends. It just feels like you went back a year.”

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Picture credit: Riot Games
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